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Cookie Monster Interview on the ISHP
The International Saxophone Homepage One of the more comprehensive sites on the Internet,the ISHP is dedicated to any and all matters relating to the saxophone. Among other things, it includes Articles of interest, Player Interviews,WWW Links of Interest, Saxophone Manufacturing Information, and other "Fun"stuff, like the Interview with Cookie Monster to your left... 

Sax on the Web

   A site dedicated to a variety of resources and informationregarding the saxophone.  A great selection of information on events,tips, players, etc. 


An online supplier of saxophone music, CD's and other supplies. 

Dorn Publishing, Inc.

The homepage of Dorn Publishing.  They produce both Saxophone Journaland Jazz Player magazines, as well as have the largest mail-order serviceof saxophone music available in North America 

North American Saxophone Alliance(NASA)

THE organization of North American saxophonists.  Includes a multitudeof information on upcoming conferences, performances, publications, etc. Publishers of the Saxophone Symposium, a research journal dedicated tothe Saxophone. 

PRISM Quartet, Saxophoneand MIDI Ensemble 

One of my favourite Saxophone Quartets.  Innovated work IncorporatingMIDI technology, as well as "standard" repertoire. 

Various Other University Saxophone Studios 

Instrument Manufacutures

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