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This is a saxophone.
An award winning performer, Ryan's performing experience ranges from the stages of small towns to Carnegie Hall. He has a particular interest in contemporary music, and electronic music.

He is available for solo work, including Concerti, Recitals and Chamber music. To make an inquiry, please Email his Manager.

Selected Repertoire


Alessandro Marcello "Concerto in d Minor (Oboe)" 12 min
Michael Torke "Concerto" 15 min
Heitor Villa-Lobos "Fantasia" 14 min

Ingolf Dahl "Concerto" 15 min (Winds Only)
Pierre Max Dubois "Concerto" 15 min
Alexandre Glazounov "Concerto" 15 min
Jacques Ibert "Concertino Da Camera" 12 min
Paule Maurice "Tableaux de Provence" 15 min
Darius Milhuad "Scaramouche" 12 min

Russell Peck "The Upward Stream" 20 min
Heitor Villa-Lobos "Fantasia" 14 min

Unaccompanied Saxophone

Paul Bonneau "Caprice en Forme de Valse"
Claude Debussy "Syrinx"
Arsenio Giron "Five Pieces" Written for Ryan Fraser
Christian Lauba "Balafon"
Ryo Noda "Improvisation I"
Ryo Noda "Improvisation II"
Ryo Noda "Improvisation III"

Saxophone & Piano

G. Platti "Sonata"
Maruice Ravel "Piece en Forme de Habanera"
Violet Archer "Sonata"William Albright "Sonata"
Denis Bedard "Sonata"
Paul Boutry "Divertimento"
Eugene Bozza "Aria"
Eugene Bozza "Pulcinella"
Eugene Bozza "Scaramouche"
Paul Creston "Sonata"
Edison Denisov "Deux Pieces"
Alfred Desenclos "Prelude, Cadence, et Finale"
Ida Gotkovsky "Brilliance"
G.F. Handel "Sonata #3"
Bernhard Heiden "Sonata"
Paul Hindemith "Sonata"
John Anthony Lennon "Distances Within Me"
Paul Maurice "Tableaux de Provence"
Darius Milhaud "Scaramouche"
Maurice Ravel "Piece en Forme de Habanera"
Rodney Rodgers "The Nature of this Whirling Wheel..."
Ned Rorem "Picnic on the Marne"
Maurice Whitney "Rhumba"
Maurice Whitney "Introduction and Samba"

Rudy Wiedolft "Saxophobia"

Voice, Saxophone & Piano

Ellwood Derr "Six Songs of Sundry Sorts"
Ellwood Derr "I Never Saw Another Butterfly"
James Schlater "E.R.A.tic Behavior"

Saxophone & Electronics

J.S. Bach "1st 'Cello Suite" (Electronic Wind Instrument)
Steven Gallante "Shu Gath Manna" (Alto Sax & DX-7)
Steven Gallante "Saxsounds III: Diminishing Returns" (2 Alto Saxes & Echo Processor)

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