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Important information about Online Lessons
Online Lessons are designed both for saxophonists, as well as music educators and their students. You may view and print these articles at your leisure, but you are limited to producing one copy for your own personal use. Commercial distribution or use is strictly prohibited without written permission. You may freely quote from these articles, provided that you acknowledge Ryan Fraser as the author and do not modify the content in any way. All articles are (c) 2000 by Ryan Fraser.


Getting Started

Looking for help on getting started on saxophone? Look no further! Topics:
Embouchure, Breathing, Recommended Equipment and more. . .

Advanced Topics

For the more advanced player, this section deals with important topics like Repetitive Strain Injuries, Efficient Practice, and more. . .

Fraser's Silly Rules of Saxophone

Over the years, I've "refined" a good portion of my teaching into a few simple, but silly rules that are helpful for saxophonists of all levels, ages and abilities.

Fraser's Recommended Listening

Many people have written in and asked me to reccommend some good saxophone recordings. Look no further! Here's a few of my favourites to help you get started.

How to Find Great Teacher

So, you want to find a great teacher. Make no mistake about it - it's tough! Here are a few suggestions about how to start to look for the right person to guide you on the path to enlightenment. (Don't all truly enlightened people play saxophone?)

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