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Private Teaching

While I enjoy apples, bribery of food rarely works!

As of September 2001, Ryan's private saxophone studio has limited openings.

Private lesson regular lesson rates are $42 per hour, or $25 for a half–hour lesson. Students of all ages and abilities (including beginners!) are welcome to Email a Request. Lessons are given in London, Ontario.

If you would like, you can be added to the Waiting List for regular lessons.

One of the best ways to get lessons from Ryan is to take part in a Summer Workshop. Two levels of Adult Instruction are available, and starting in June 2001, several levels of secondary school instruction are expected to run as well. Join the Mailing List to be notified of details!

Some course reviews. . .

I didn't even bribe them with apples!
Absolutely awesome! You rarely let me down in terms of pushing me to the limit no matter how small my self-esteem.

Excellent job!! Very encouraging and motivating.

Awesome teacher. I had a great time in this course. The teacher is amazing, he makes lessons a lot of fun.

Do not change your style, no matter how much people will pay you to do so!

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