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These Online Lesson are (c)2000/2001, Ryan Fraser. All right reserved. NO COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION.

This section of online lessons is designed for advanced students, as well as a resource for both private and elementary school teachers with students who are working beyond the beginner level.



At the heart of a good saxophone sound lies the technique of vibrato. Learn how to develop and use it, and what it should sound like.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: One person's reason why you don't want to be in pain while you play.

   Every so often, one of my students works a little too hard, and begins to feel pain in their hands, fingers, arms or shoulders. I take these warning signs very, very seriously. Many of these students may be on a short, hard road to a variety of injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Tendonitis, or other over-use syndromes. These injuries are classified under the term "Repetitive Strain Injuries" (RSI) by medical professionals. This lesson shares one of my former students experiences with RSI.

How to Practice effectively (and save your body!)

Most of us spend lots of time practising. But why spend anymore time than you really have to? The difference between good and great musicians, is that the great musicians know how to get maximum effect from every single session. But that doesn't necessarily mean practising longer hours - in fact, it often means spending less time!

What sort of equipment should I look for?

Having the right equipment makes you a better player. This article is an expansion of my outline for beginners. Read all about ligatures, mouthpieces, reeds, etc.

    ONLINE LESSONS > Advanced Lessons

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