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How to Find a Great Teacher

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    ONLINE LESSONS > Finding a Teacher

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Finding a teacher is easy. Finding a good teacher is difficult. Finding a great teacher is darn near impossible. So, how are you going to do it?

Good Players don't always equal Good Teachers.
Don't get a turkey of a teacher!

Like the title says, don't confuse good players with good teachers. While some of the best performers are fantastic teachers, it doesn't always work out that way. Think about it - who's going to make a better teacher: Somebody who always got it right the first time, or somebody who had to try it over and over until they found a way that worked? Odds are the latter person is going to be more sympathetic to any difficulties you might have. One of the best teachers I've ever seen had grown up with severe learning disabilities. After spending a lifetime trying things a hundred different ways, she could get anybody to learn. If the first way didn't work she had 99 other methods in her back pocket.

OK fine...so how do I find a good one?
A somewhat stylized picture of a teacher.  I have to find better clipart!

Short Answer: same way as anything else. . .ask around, and always try before you buy. Good teachers in your area will be (hopefully) well known. So will the bad ones. If you can, go and talk to some of their students. You can't find a better way to get a sense of a teacher - one's students are usually quite honest about both the strengths and weaknesses of their teacher. The more students that you talk to the more honest the appraisal.

Once you think that you might have a line on a good teacher, get a lesson. You can be the best student in the world, having a lesson from the best teacher in the world, but if the two of you can't get along well, find somebody else. The interaction between student and teacher is the most important
    ONLINE LESSONS > Finding a Teacher

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